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Car camera can replace the advantages and disadvantages of driving recorder
Jun 08, 2018

First of all, the driving recorder is called the car black box and can drive the complete recorder car to go wild. Some driving recorders have GPS driving recorders to record driving directions and support video output, loop recording, motion detection, etc. Function, and can be used with the reversing image, installation is more convenient, can effectively record the situation in front of the vehicle.

The onboard camera is usually used for in-vehicle monitoring. We often see the bus installed. This is to monitor whether there are thieves and other situations, and the onboard camera can support a lot of cameras in a system, can monitor the situation in the car, if Personal privacy will be the primary issue when installing a car camera in the car;

Secondly, the onboard camera usually works at a temperature of 0 to 50°C. It is used inside the car, so the temperature will be reduced. The driving recorder is outside the private car in summer, and the high temperature resistance is at least 50°. This is the vehicle camera cannot exceed. ;

Third, there are usually two kinds of storage devices in the vehicle camera. One is a SD card for the hard disk. The SD card has better shock resistance, but the storage space is small, and the maintenance cost is large! Ordinary hard disks generally support 300g, which can be used continuously for one month. Recorder memory cards are usually divided into 8, 16, and 32G, and support training videos. The price is relatively cheap;

Fourth, the installation method, vehicle camera installation is more troublesome, usually the installation costs include host costs, camera costs, hard drives, materials, installation costs, etc., while the installation of driving recorder is relatively simple, you can get it;

Fifth, the 24-hour monitoring of the car camera is not realistic. Many riders feel that the driving recorder battery is not durable. They want to use the car camera, but their power consumption far exceeds the driving recorder. If they are used for a long time, then the battery of our car will be Retired, not worth the candle! The driving recorder achieves 24-hour monitoring and requires only one mobile power source.

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