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Car Camera Performance
Jun 08, 2018

Car camera function:

1. Provide reliable evidence for the analysis and determination of traffic accidents.

2. It is convenient for drivers to check the situation inside the car.

3. Provide the basis for the handling of passenger vehicle disputes, lost property search, anti-robbery and anti-theft issues.

4. Provide the monitoring of the inside and outside environment of the carriage to provide safety protection for the vehicle.

Car Camera Performance:

You can examine the performance of your car camera from the following aspects:

First, the chip

CCD and CMOS are important components of a reversing camera. They can be divided into CCD and CMOS depending on the components. CMOS is mainly used in products with lower image quality. Its advantages are lower manufacturing cost and lower power consumption than CCD. The disadvantage is that CMOS cameras have higher requirements for light sources; CCDs are high-end technical components used in photography and video. Comes with a video capture card. CCD and CMOS have great differences in technology and performance. In general, CCD is better, but the price is more expensive. It is recommended to select the CCD camera without considering the cost.

Second, the definition

Sharpness is one of the important indicators of the camera. In general, high-definition products will have better image quality. Products with sharpness on the 420 line have become the mainstream products for the reversing camera. The 380 line can also be selected if it is well-tuned. There are better chips 480 lines, 600 lines, 700 lines, etc. But according to different camera chip levels, the different photosensitive elements, including the level of debugging technicians, the same chip products of the same grade may present quality effects will be different In the same way, depending on what kind of lens is used, a lens made of good materials will have a much better image presentation effect. On the contrary, the high-definition products will have a discount on night vision effects.

Third, night vision

The effect of night vision is related to the clarity of the product. The higher the resolution, the worse the night vision effect will be. This is due to the reason of the chip itself, but the good quality products have the night vision function and will not be imaged. The effect, although the color will be worse, but clear is not a problem. If there is infrared night vision fill light or LED white light fill, night vision is more clearly visible at night

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