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Teach you 4 tricks to identify the car camera
Jun 08, 2018

When using a car camera and car monitor and a car DVD navigator portable GPS navigator, and when the car monitor is used, the car monitor does not need to be turned on. As long as a reverse car is mounted on the car monitor, the car camera image will be displayed automatically; and the car DVD navigation is The car camera image can be displayed only when the camera is turned on. When using the portable GPS navigator, the car camera image must be displayed when the navigator is turned on.

First, the chip

CMOS and CCD chips form an important part of the reversing camera. According to the components, they can be divided into CCD and CMOS. CMOS is mainly used in products with lower image quality. Its advantages are lower manufacturing cost and lower power consumption than CCD. The disadvantage is that CMOS cameras have higher requirements for light sources; CCDs are high-end technical components used in photography and video. Comes with a video capture card. CCD and CMOS have great differences in technology and performance. In general, CCD is better, but the price is more expensive. It is recommended to select the CCD camera without considering the cost.

Second, night vision

The effect of night vision is related to the clarity of the product. The higher the resolution, the worse the night vision effect will be. This is due to the reason of the chip itself, but the good quality products have the night vision function and will not be imaged. The effect, although the color will be worse, but clear is not a problem.

Third, the clarity

Sharpness is one of the important indicators of the camera. In general, the image quality of a high-definition product will be better. For the time being, the product with the definition of 420 lines has become the main product of the reversing camera. If the 380 line is good for debugging, it can also be selected. However, according to the different camera chip level, the different photosensitive elements, including the level of debugging technicians, the same chip products of the same level may present quality effects will be different, on the contrary, high-definition products will have a night vision effect Discounts.

Fourth, waterproof

Reversing camera products are basically waterproof.

When you go to the store to purchase a car camera, you can read the functions of the car cameras mentioned by Xiao Bian. Are all the images of the car camera clear? This basically can buy a suitable and good car camera.

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