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The basic functions of vehicle surveillance system
Jul 10, 2018

Nowadays, the vehicle surveillance system plays an increasingly important role in vehicle road transportation management, and also become an effective means to improve the technology and informatization level of traffic transportation safety management. 

In summary, the vehicle surveillance system has following functions:

1. Real-time online monitoring---Use GPS function to accurately locate the vehicle, and transmit the vehicle running condition, and surrounding video to the remote management platform in real time through the 3G/4G network.

2. Vehicle status inquiry---Can remotely check the vehicle status, including the running status, various signal status etc.

3. Alarm---If the vehicle meet with emergency such as accident, robbery, etc. As long as the driver press the emergency button, the system will automatically send a distress signal to the remote management platform in control center. And there are also overspeed alarm, fatigue driving alarm, power-off alarm, etc

4. Intercom system---If the control center finds the vehicle is overspeed, overload, fatigue driving,  etc. they can send voice message to remind the driver as well as Group SMS, 

5. Vehicle track playback---Can call-out and playback the previous vehicle running track according  to real needs, check the vehicle running status, surrounding environment and first aid treatment, 

so as to help accident analysis.

6. Remotely cut off power source---The control center can issue instructions from the management platform to cut off the power source of the vehcile if meet with special condition

7. What's more, there are some updating and consummating functions such as:bus passenger counting; tanker fuel detection; highway prowl car radar speed detection, car plate recognition, etc.

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