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What should pay attention to the purchase of car camera
Jun 08, 2018

What should pay attention to the purchase of car camera, we teach you how to buy

The structure of the car camera is composed of a shell, a lens, and a chip. The three are indispensable.

The shell determines whether the on-board camera is dedicated to the car and whether it is universal. Our car camera product style covers hundreds of models, special car and universal type. Dedicated car cameras are often based on the design of the vehicle itself, fully fitted to the body, so that no-hole installation, non-destructive installation. It is recommended that you choose a special car for your car. This will not only ensure the beauty of the original car, but also make the camera more accurate.

The lens, in the car rear view camera industry, generally has plastic lenses and glass lenses. Plastic lenses have a significant difference from glass lenses. Plastic lenses are very cheap, but the imaging effect is obviously inferior to glass. Plastic lens raw materials come from plastic or resin, glass lens comes from glass. Lens structure: 1P, 2P, 1G1P, 1G2P, 2G2P, 4G, etc. The more lenses, the higher the cost, the glass lens is more expensive than plastic. Now many small factories, in order to save costs and pursue high profits, often reduce the number of lenses or use inexpensive plastic lenses. Although the price is attractive, the actual results are unflattering. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone buy a car camera, you can not just for cheap, or to choose a good glass lens imaging. All of our car cameras use 3G lens, all-glass optical lens, imaging results are more clear.

Lens angle and imaging effect: The imaging angle of the camera determines the size of the visible imaging area. The camera angle is too small (the rear view lens) can not be captured in many areas, resulting in a visual blind spot. However, in general, a wide-angle lens is distorted when restoring an image, and the visual effect is greatly discounted. With the development of technology, many brand manufacturers have now introduced wide-angle lenses with image distortion correction. Therefore, in addition to choosing the lens for the glass, the camera's shooting angle and the actual imaging effect must be considered. Our car camera has an image distortion correction function, the imaging angle of 170 °, fully meet the parking requirements of the owner.

The chips on the general market can be classified into CCD (Charge Coupled) and CMOS (Metal Oxide). The advantages of the former are good imaging levels, high resolution and color reproduction, and are mainly used for high-end digital cameras. The disadvantage of digital cameras is that the price is relatively expensive, the power consumption is relatively large, and the size is relatively large. The CMOS solution is complementary to the former, the price is relatively cheap, power consumption is small, and the chip size is small. With the rapid development of CMOS technology, the performance of CMOS images is getting better and better. At present, some high-end professional cameras also use CMOS sensors. Therefore, in the optional car camera do not demand whether the camera uses a CCD image sensor, high-end CMOS camera can fully meet the requirements of the owner. Our car camera uses a high-end CMOS solution to ensure the imaging results. At the same time there are CCD high-end solutions for customers to choose.

Waterproof performance: Due to the particularity of the working environment of the onboard camera, it is exposed to the wind and rain all year round. Therefore, the overall waterproof performance of the camera is required to be very high. The industrial parameter indication is generally represented by "IPXX", where "I" indicates dust prevention and "P" indicates waterproof. The first "X" indicates the waterproof rating and the second "X" indicates the dustproof rating. The camera products that achieve IP67 or higher can basically meet the needs of the working environment. Of course, the higher the waterproof level, the more reliable.

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