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All-in-one 4G PTZ Camera For Law Enforcement
Sep 20, 2018

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product description:

1. Product introduction This product is a product developed for emergency control, secret monitoring and deployment, etc. It consists of high-definition camera, infrared light group, high-precision head and shock absorber. Equipped with high-definition integrated movement, clear video output, 20x optical zoom lens; independent infrared illumination ensures clear shooting of objects within 60m in all black environment; the key part of the movement is all-aluminum design, strong weather resistance; new transmission The system has higher positioning accuracy than the traditional pan/tilt; the vacuum magnetic chuck enables the camera to be firmly attached to the smooth metal surface, equipped with a carrying case and a tripod chassis, which is easy to carry and install, and can be directly connected to the WIFI through a tablet, a mobile phone, etc. by using a bluetooth headset. It is ideal for a variety of emergency mobile video surveillance.

2. Product Features:

Support 4G network, 3G communication and WIFI;

HD waterproof infrared camera, 360° infinite pan/tilt, magnetic chassis, easy to control;

802.1b/g/n, can provide wifi hotspot, can be operated by mobile phone or tablet;

GPS and Beidou positioning; IP68 waterproof; built-in 10Ah lithium battery, can be used continuously for 6-8h;

Video: TF (including SDHC) card local audio and video synchronization video;

Audio format: support AMR, ADPCM and other formats, Bluetooth wireless two-way voice intercom;

Video format: H.264, up to 1080P transmission storage;

Good man-machine operation control interface, and can be customized according to requirements;

Independent intellectual property video storage structure (CEFS streaming storage technology), super fault tolerant, power failure protection;

Embedded system design, built-in hardware watchdog, can run 7 × 24h;

Integrated design, no external wiring equipment; equipped with professional protection boxes, carrying bags, brackets, etc.

3. Main configuration 1 set of 3G/4G network high-definition wireless high-speed ptz camera; 1 set of 3G/4G transmission module;  1 set of accessories; 1 carring suitcase.

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