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Analysis Of Vehicle Mount Camera Sharpness
Jun 08, 2018

First, the size and composition of the lens angle affect the clarity of the rearview camera. The farther away from the angle, the farther away, the smaller the range on the two sides, the wider the range of the same lens angles. Compared to a lens with a small angle, the object at the same remote location is much smaller and therefore appears to be blurred. In short, when the angle is clearly seen, you can only look at the near place, and when the angle is small, you can see the distance clearly but you can see the range. Narrow; lens composition of the glass and plastic lenses are two kinds of lenses, car reversing after the car camera is a full-glass lens, the imaging effect is very good, glass and plastic lens lens is not used by the company, imaging effect Slightly worse, and it will become blurred with the use of time, because the plastic lens will be affected by thermal expansion and contraction, the use of long-term use will become loose and affect the clarity.

Second, the lens according to the spectrum to a color lens and 850 lens, color lens is the degree of reduction in color is better, but the color lens can not see the infrared light, you can see the light that most people see, such as LED white light fluorescent lamp 850 lens can see the infrared light, the color will be somewhat distorted, is the lens mounted 850 filter, generally used in the infrared night vision camera above, color lens clarity is much clearer than the 850 lens.

Third, the type of car camera chip is not the same, the definition will be different, the clarity of the chip is generally represented by the number of lines, such as 380 lines 420 lines 500 lines 580 lines and 600 lines, the higher the line number, the more clear. The effect produced by each manufacturer of the same chip will be different, because the electronic components used are different, the circuit design will be different, and the effect will be different.

Fourth, the quality of the display device also affects the clarity. No matter how good a car camera is used on a bad display device, it does not show true results. Only when the display device is in a better condition, can the display effect of the camera be improved. In fact, since the display screens for onboard displays, car DVD navigation, and portable GPS navigation produced by each manufacturer are various, there are digital and analog screens, and the digital and analog screens are divided into various types. The display screen of the sample cards, some products even use display devices made of used screens or refurbished screens, and the effect is even worse.

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