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Car Camera Has Two Important Indicators
Jun 08, 2018

Effective pixels and resolution. The resolution is actually the number of line sync pulses per field because the more line sync pulses there are, the more lines are scanned per field image. In fact, the resolution reflects the vertical resolution of the onboard camera. Effective pixels are often written as a multiplication of two numbers, such as "320x240", where the previous value represents the fineness of the single-line video signal, ie, the line resolution capability; the latter value is the resolution, and thus the effective pixel = line resolution capability*resolution.

Car camera classification:

The camera is divided into two kinds of black and white and color, in order to achieve the purpose of seeking the line, only to extract the gray information of the picture, and do not have to extract the color information, so this design uses a black and white camera. Compared to the use of the same resolution color car camera, this can reduce the burden on the microcontroller sampling. The camera is mainly composed of a lens, an image sensor chip, and a peripheral circuit. The image sensor chip is its most important part, but the chip must be equipped with appropriate peripheral circuits to work. The chip and peripheral circuits are fabricated on a circuit board and are called "single boards." If the lens is equipped with a lens, housing, lead wire and connector, it constitutes a common camera, such as chat camera; if only to the board with a lens, this is a "single camera." Single-board cameras are rarely seen in everyday life. Companies that produce single boards usually sell them to other companies. Other companies then pack these boards according to their own requirements.

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