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How To Install Car Camera
Jun 08, 2018

1. First remove the power supply connection at the vehicle battery and place the removed connection away from the electrode to prevent accidental turning on of the power supply.

2. Determine the installation position of the car camera, generally divided into two.

Installed in the position of the license plate license plate lamp and drilling installation, embedded in the inside of the bumper.

3 installed in the license plate holder license plate position:

This kind of installation is easy, just use the small screws provided inside the camera accessories to fix the camera in the position of the license plate light. Through the adjustment of iron pieces or gaskets in the accessories, the camera can achieve the best reversal perspective.

The camera's line penetrates into the car through the gap in the license plate light, and is connected to the reversing light power supply and the video extension cable. This kind of installation type of reversing camera is currently a more popular one, the appearance is more hidden, and installation is more relaxed.

4. Drilling installation, embedded inside the bumper:

The advantage of this method is that there is no need to drill holes in the metal parts behind the car. Because the bumper is a plastic piece, the camera is relatively easy to trace. And balance with the surface of the rear car to prevent theft.

5. Connect the camera's power cord to the rear reversing lamp power cord; connect the camera's video cord to the video extension cord; connect the other end of the video extension cord to the AV input of the on-board monitor; and finally restore battery power to start up. Car, hang up the reverse gear, you can see the reverse image on the car display.

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