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Latest IR AHD Or IP Vehicle PTZ Camera
Sep 11, 2018

Latest IR AHD Or IP Vehicle PTZ Camera

1)PTZ camera is designed for using in all environment: with high-strength aluminum alloy casting shell, sun shield and wiper;

2) Thoroughly solve the problem of dark night without lighting conditions, and quickly capture the target;

3) Built-in OSRAM high-intensity infrared light, night vision distance up to 150 meters;

4) Horizontal 360 ° infinity rotation, up & down (+90 ° ~ -90 °) without blind spots;

5) Horizontal Preset Speed 100°/S, Vertical Horizontal Preset Speed 60°/S;

6) Can set 256 preset positions, 8 tour tracks;

7) With the function of north point, the camera is automatically aligned in a direction after reboot;

8) Camera is with automatic thermostat function, automatic heating function, suitable for different environments;

9) Defogging function can be customized;

10) Can be set for automatically cruise, horizontal scan;

11) Configurable shock absorbers for installation;

12) Industrial-grade car power supply circuit design, DC11V-18V wide voltage power supply.


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