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Outdoor Security Robot Will Be The Trend?
Nov 01, 2018

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ptz camera for patrol

Mobile Patrolling at:

* Electrical power plants and solar farms

* Oil and gas facilities, refineries, and chemical plants

* Physical security of critical infrastructure

* Mining site security systems

* Construction and building site security

* Warehouses and parking lots

* Empty-property security

Key Features:

  • Swarm Intelligence for the reliable group patrolling of large areas

  • Obstacle Avoidance and anti-collision system

  • Overcome obstacle up to 7 inches

  • Panic button and two way audio intercom

  • Easy Integration with VMS central monitor systems (such Milestone etc.)

  • 100% ONVIF standards support

  • Self-Diagnostic Systems

  • Remote robot monitoring systems 24/7

  • Fully autonomous patrolling

  • Panoramic Video Surveillance System with SOWZE PTZ camera

  • Deep Leaning for human recognition in the cameras’ observation range

  • Intelligent Security: recognition of staff members by uniforms

  • Cloud Data integration

  • Up to 20 hours of autonomous patrolling

  • Enough Ingress Protection for outdoor application

  • Operating in the temperature range -12° F … +112° F

  • Automatic Recharging system

  • IP 65 water and dust resistance

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