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The Difference Between Driving Recorder And Car Camera
Jun 08, 2018

Driving recorders are what we call the car black box, also known as the "third eye", car safety information box recorder, but some people call him the image of the car electronic police. He can completely and accurately record the relevant conditions under the driving state of the car, record the track of the car intact, car camera and reproduce it on the computer through software. Laiyin Driving Recorder is a picture taken during the process of shooting a car. It records the environment, geographical location, and balance of the car in the car. It fully reflects the car's driving and escort.

The driving record instrument can support real-time video output function, support screen rotation, can measure driving speed, driving direction, record license plate number, driver information, can be used with reversing rear view system, record reversing process, suitable for vehicles: bus, enterprise Teams, private cars, etc. car camera can all be used, and the driving recorder installation method is easy to understand, well concealed, and compact.

However, the function of on-board monitoring: mainly for the interior monitoring (such as monitoring the upper and lower door thief on the bus and the like, of course, there is a blind spot of the driver mirror outside the car) and on-board monitoring can be multi-channel, a system supports multiple camera. Driving recorder: car camera as long as it is the front side of the driver's perspective range of action, such as the accident occurred in front of the rear trailer. These are the differences between on-board cameras and driving recorders.

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