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Vehicle Speeding Detection Radar PTZ Camera
Jul 03, 2018


Sowze radar PTZ camera is used for vehicle speeding detection and car plate number recognization.

Main standard features:

Working around the clock, one way/ two way speed meassuring, small/big vehicle speed limited respectively, wireless transmission, remote control, U disk file auto download, black and white list comparation 


Main funtions:

1) Nidirectional/Bidirectional speed measurement: same direction, opposite direction, bidirectional speeding vehicle automatic capture function;

2) 24-hour continuous operation and night shooting flash 100% synchronization;

3) Can capture 1-3 photos, automatically stored in the specified folder;

4) Wireless transmission: the picture is transmitted to center server through 4G network;

5) Pictures are imported into U disk automatically U disk after inserted;

6) Automatically identify the vehicle number plate and compare with blacklist;

7) Other illegal activities capturing such as pressure line, illegal stoppage, retrograde, etc.;

8) Setting big/small car speed limit and starting value respectively; 

Other features:

1) Working around the clock,and can normally work under temperature from -30℃ to 70℃;

2) High protect rate against rain and dust;

3) Software is powerful, easy to use;

4) Adopting industrial rate hardware: stable and reliable, with low failure rate;

5) Unique anti-virus and maintenance-free operating system;

6) Large-capacity DC lithium battery, safe and reliable, continue working up to 16 hours;

7) A key switch function, can turn off the display function separate, convenient and power saving.

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